Dante Battocchi received a degree of doctor in materials engineering from the University of Trento in Trento, Italy, followed by a master’s degree in polymers and coatings and a PhD in materials and nanotechnology from North Dakota State University (NDSU-Fargo, N.D.). He is co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Elinor Specialty Coatings.

Dr. Battocchi's work includes technology scouting and product development from the lab to manufacturing. He is co-inventor of the patented Mg-Rich Primer that resulted in the Aluma45TM coating systems and led the formulation of BronzeShieldTM and MagnaShieldTM. Dr. Battocchi leads all research and development at Elinor as well as corrosion and surface protection consulting for other entities. 

Dr. Battocchi teaches corrosion at North Dakota State University and was previously the Associate Director of the NDSU Center for Surface Protection, a research center in which the university partners with private sector companies to do material research. At NDSU, his work included development and optimization of coatings for aluminum and steel, as well as electrochemical analysis and characterization of corrosion events and protective coatings. His published work includes articles in journals such as Corrosion Science, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Progress in Organic Coatings and numerous conference proceedings. He previously served as an agent with the Italian State Police.

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